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Sex Talk with Dr Mading Wa – #fingerInTheBooty: the truth behind male butt-play

Mbebe Kiri!

A fam, today’s topic is directly correlated to what happened with Kanye, Wiz and Amber Rose yesterday. That’s right today I want to talk about straight guys and their fetishes, notably butt-play. #FingerinThebooty

Anal play is a particularly healthy sexual practice regardless of the male’s sexual orientation. It just so happens that society’s stigma makes it so that any mentions of butt-play makes you gay. (On a side note, homosexual sex doesn’t make you gay. Being gay, makes you gay.) For your information, the male version of the G-spot can only be accessed through the anus. It is located two inches down a man’s butthole. Why two inches inside his butt? because that’s the place where the membrane separating the anal canal and the prostate is the thinnest. Don’t believe me? ask any man in your life (who’s comfortable talking to you) why he has a dull erection every time he’s taking a shit.

Butt-play although pleasing is an acquired taste. A lot of guys are very sensitive about that area of their body. Touching it, or doing anything else to is in most guys opinion sexually deviant and because of what they hear in the media, they believe is contrary to their sexual orientation. For those who are comfortable enough to do it, it is a very pleasing experience.

Beyond the perception of salad-tossing (Analingus), it is important to note that the conversation has always been one-sided. Media has always pushed the idea that good women do anal sex, or that real men lick the booty. But the moment it is a guy on the receiving end all types of stigma kicks in. At the end of the day, people are free to like what they like sexually, regardless of their orientation. Whether it is a finger in the butt, sucking toes, or being whipped. Just own up to your preferences and live your life.




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