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#RETRO237 or when a hashtag becomes a trending topic

If you made your way around Cameroonian twitter last night, or #twitter237 as we affectionately call it, you would have witnessed a full on party. Cameroonians all over the world shared, via the hashtag, old hits that have marked the country’s musical scene. It was a night full of fun and reminiscence that brought the whole community together. Youtube links were passed around like hot cakes, people shared stories and we saw a genuine outpouring of love for Cameroonian music.

Twitter Activity

As of about 2am this morning this was the hashtag’s activity

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 Who tweeted?

We also thought it would be interesting to show you a break down of the location of the tweets, the influencers behind the hashtag and the type of tweets that got the most traction.


As you can see, most posts were origninal content linking back to videos on youtube

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  What device did they use to tweet?



Most people tweeted from a desktop

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Where did the tweets comes from?


The bulks of tweets came from Cameroon, France and the United States

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It is obvious that our twitter community is active and thriving.

You can continue to follow (or contribute to) the hashtag here.

Don’t forget to jam in the process.


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