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Sex Talk with Dr Mading Wa – Adventurous Sex for 2016

Mbembe Kiri, Happy New Year. I hope that you started the year on the right foot and set some goals for the year in order to become the best version of yourself. I think 2016 is the year of adventurous sex. Note that I didn’t say risky, I said adventurous. This means having sex in new environment or settings. I think it is about time for you to get away from the same boring sex (couch, bedroom, maybe kitchen?). In 2016, I encourage you to bring the spice back. Bring excitement back and most importantly, bring sexy back. Having sex in an adventurous place could be anything from the spur of the moment, to a carefully planned intercourse beyond the boundaries of your bedroom. Here are two things you could try with your partner in 2016:


In public

Having sex in public is by far the most daunting thing one couple can do. There are people walking around. There’s no way to make sure nobody is watching, and in this era of social media, your escapade is just one tweet away from being available online for eternity. So is it worth it? Yes it is. The thrill, the adrenaline and the pleasure all combine to make the sensation even better. Just remember to avoid dark alleys, you might not be the only ones in the place so watch out. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you’re going to do it outside, you can try parks. The nature and the flowers are already romantic enough to set the mood right, you just need to take advantage of it. You can also try inside a car (make sure it’s your own car or your partner’s). Having sex in a car is really fun. Yes it is uncomfortable, there’s not a lot of space, but it is part of the experience. Sometimes people don’t care about whose car it is  they’re getting nasty in. I remember this particular time during a late night trip in riding the bus from Yaounde to Douala, there’s a couple in the back who decided that 4 hours was a long time to wait. So they did the do.



Do you remember 50 Shades of Grey? That book is probably the reason why bondage sex became very popular in this first half of the decade. And to be fair, bondage has been around for a while, especially in Asian countries like Japan where this sex practice is very common. Since 50 shades of Grey people in most traditional and conventional settings have decided to give it a go. If you’re going to try bondage sex I recommend starting easy, you don’t want anyone to get hurt, or worse, die. Yes I said die. Bondage can be kinky, but the kinkiness can go south and become life threatening very quick. For your first time, try something simple like tying your partner’s’ hands, or tying your partner’s’ wrists to their ankles… From there, once everyone is comfortable, you can try other things that involves the whole body and more. Make sure to have a “Safe word”. Having a safe word means that if your partner says that word, it indicates they’re very uncomfortable with what is happening and you should stop at that right moment. This is very important because when it comes to BDSM activities, things can get out of hand really quickly. So establish a safe word and stay aware at all times.

So there you have it, two simple things to try in order to spice up your sex life in 2016. Remember, Having sex in public is only defined by what you call public. You don’t have to be out in the open for sex to be public sex. It could be inside the parking lot of your apartment complex, in your garden, in your office…Be creative with the venue, get consent from your partner and from there everything will fall in place and the sex will be great.



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