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Sex Talk with Dr Mading Wa – The importance of oral sex in relationships

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Mbembe Kiri! Dr Mading Wa here. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of Oral sex for your relationship. In my life I’ve received and given oral sex to my share of people. In the process I’ve discovered that it is the quintessential tool in your arsenal to navigate your relationship. Dome, head, IQ, Brain, Top, Pipe, faire la chatte, regardless of how you call it, you should do it. And do it often and here’s a why.


Intimacy + confidence boost

It is by far the most intimate thing you can do with your partner. It is also the single most effective way to make your partner feel secure about him/herself.  Genitalia come in all shapes, size, and smells (yes that’s right I said smells). If you’re not mindful of what you say or how you react to when you first approach oral sex with someone you can bruise his or her self-esteem forever. On the other hand (no pun intended) if you’re gentle and display fervent excitement to what you’re doing, your partner will forever be grateful. Shit you might even get breakfast in bed the next day. So be mindful, make eye contact and be encouraging (Moan, regardless of if you’re giving or receiving. You should be moaning).


Peace Maker

Nobody likes arguing, but everybody loves a good head. That is the most single universal truth about human life. You will never meet someone who doesn’t enjoy oral. The sight, the sound, the moans…aaaasshhhh! Ladies, the next time you’re in an argument with your man, catch him off guard by sucking his dick. I promise you he will forget about what you were arguing about. Guarantee! Fellas it goes both ways. When she gets mad, let her cool off for a bit, then get her in a secluded place (or not, that’s why they created counter top in the kitchen), get on your knees and lick that pussy. She will thank you later.


Insomnia + Stress reliever

We live in a stressful world filled with work, bills, and deceptions. As a result our stress levels are higher than any previous generations and we have trouble sleeping at night. Emile Durkheim argued that once a society/country becomes successful stress levels increase and suicide rates go up.  And recent studies from the Pew research center have shown that Stress is the leading cause of cardiac arrest. We don’t want that. But In case you didn’t know, Orgasms release specific enzymes into the brain that relaxes the body and the mind.  To balance and reduce your stress levels working out, meditation and sex are the best solution. Sex is a form of exercise and I believe oral sex is the closest thing to mediation. Think about it, you sit back, relax, and picture happy thoughts while someone gives you pleasure. Go ahead and meditate my friend.


So there you have it. When you get home tonight give head to your partner or you “cuddle budy”. You never know you could be saving a life. Next week we’ll talk about how to set up the mood, before, during and after the act.



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