Stanley Enow is still in the mix with “Yours”

The Cameroonian urban music scene is making a lot of waves these days locally and internationally. Stanley Enow, arguably the genre frontliner, just released the visuals for “Yours” one of the leading titles of his debut album “Soldier like my Papa”.

The song is true to Stanley Enow’s braggadocio style of rap including a mix of pidgin and french, a style that has become a staple  in the urban culture in Cameroon. In this video, Stanley has once again kept his visual standards pretty high. The quality is spotless, although we would have enjoyed a more engaging story line. At the same time, Stanley Enow’s music videos have always focused on visual codes and aesthetics, “Yours” is no different. On that end we can’t help but appreciate the consistency with which is carries his brand. Ice Prince brought his A game per usual and really carries the song with his vocals in the chorus. We really appreciate the camaraderie between the two artists, which also points out to the type of person Stanley Enow is. Since 2014, the artist has worked with several artists in hot markets from Nigeria to Ghana. Creating lasting partnerships with key playmakers in the music industry. These partnerships are, in addition to his talent, the key to Stanley Enow’s success.

Although people have mix feelings about Stanley and his rise to stardom, the young artist has managed to prove the naysayer wrong and continued to provide timely music that maintains his brand in rotation. In the context of the urban scene of Cameroon, one could say that Stanley Enow has provided a solid blueprint to international stardom, and regardless of how you feel about him, he’s here to stay. As Stanley prepares for his French Tour, we’re looking forward to the new material he will unleash over 2016. Keep making the country proud.


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