Tilla The Godmother Bounces Back

The split with New Bell Music

A few months ago, the news of Tilla the god mother departing from New Bell Music came through a single tweet from Tilla herself and caught everyone off guard. After working with New Bell Music for over a year and releasing and impressive second EP, the urban scene had high expectation of forthcoming album with Jovi’s signature production sound. Without much explanation about the shift, the Godmother when back in the studio and started working on some new music.

God Mother Sound

“Girls U Nova dem” is her newest effort under a new imprint and the rapper has remained consistent and true to her style. Her new single deeply rooted in Dancehall, talks about women and their accomplishments. The Cameroonian rap queen also engages in some braggadacio but that was to be expected from this MC whose bars keep improving with every song. Is this song going to be the girls anthem of 2016? Only time will tell. One thing for sure, Tilla is still one of the best rapper in Cameroon. Not just a female rapper, but one who greatly represents the rap genre in Cameroon and can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry.


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