5 things about Yaoundé you [maybe] didn’t know

1.   It is not the most people-friendly place.

Sorry to break it you but yeah…people living in Yaoundé are not the most welcoming. Whether it’s at the airport, a restaurant, on the streets or in an office, any questions or inquiry will get you a side-eye and then an answer. My advice? Stay polite anyway. I always look it as trap. It’s as if they want you to be rude in return to justify verbally assaulting you. Don’t fall for it. Keep your calm. Stay Cool. Your zen-like attitude will be rewarded.

2.   It isStreet Food - Yaoundé street food heaven.

Everywhere you turn, someone is selling fish, chicken, kebabs, shawarmas, or beignets on the side of the road. People in Yaoundé love to eat well and cheap. This feeds a secondary market of vendors who stand ready to satisfy even the smallest of wallets with delicious street food. You want to know where to find the best vendors? Ask a local.



3.   Don’t venture downtown when salaries are being paid.

Yaoundé - Poste Centrale

I’m sure you’re asking yourself why, and here it is my answer “do it if you’re willing to be stuck in traffic for hours at a time”. Salaries tend to hit bank accounts towards the end of the month, starting on the 25th. Most people hit the ATMs to take their salaries out, creating impossible lines and blocking traffic. I would say to leave the downtown area alone for at least 5 days and go about your activities in other areas of the city.

4.   Most bars, lounges, restaurants and cafes have a terrace.



We do love open spaces and would rather sit outside to enjoy a drink or food than cram inside. Most hang out spots (if not all) provide inside and outside seating. You will find the terrace to be much crowded because we love to breathe fresh air, looking at pedestrians and passing cars while sipping on something.



5.   Gorgeous views.

Yaoundé is full of them. This is especially apparent on days with clear skies. I won’t say much here and just show these two pictures…


Gorgeous right?


Now tell me, what would your five be?



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