Why did the show #MissCameroun2015 suck?

My honest rating of Miss Cameroon 2015

Here we are, late July 2015 and the new Miss Cameroon has been elected. Chatter has come and gone, I looked around, listened and observed my fellow countrymen argue about what was good, but mostly what was bad about the miss selection. Some felt that the beautiful young lady who won didn’t deserve it and that Miss Centre should have won instead. Others felt that Miss littoral (the current miss) is well deserving of her victory because she represents a number of young Cameroonian ladies we see on the streets of our beautiful country. I couldn’t care less. To be honest, this is not a post about who should have won, or how the show could have been if so and so wasn’t running it. This post is about logical observations that lead me to formulate some very puzzling questions. And of course I would like for us to reflect on them and maybe, just maybe we can figure things out. Warning, my language is about to get raw and dirty real quick. All right let’s get rid of the elephant in the room first.

So…what the fuck happened to the SMS voting?

Like…they harassed us for a whole month, forcing us to vote for our favorite contestant through text messages and help the jury in their selection of the miss. I could understand if you say that the SMS votes only represent a small percentage of the total score. But to totally deny the existence of those votes… live… on national TV… in front of the First lady… let me tell you something: these organizers have big cojones.

I knight you “Chevalier du désordre et du mauvais goût.”

Why did you invite Miss from other countries?

Miss Cameroon 2015

Miss Cameroon 2015 and the Comica’s invited guests

What’s the angle here? Are you hoping that inviting other laureates will up the prestige of your show? Do you seriously think that these laureates would have actually showed up if you hadn’t payed them to be there? Let’s be honest here, the ladies came for a free vacation and some pagnes Vlisco and that’s real. So the question is, what could you have done with that money? Maybe if you didn’t spend your money on futile folklore I wouldn’t have to ask my next question.

Who the fuck hired that sound guy?

I know you noticed. That sound / DJ guy was the worst sound engineer in the history of the profession. Who are you? Like where did your learn how to be so bad? Did the person who trained you see the show?

Wait, better yet, did your mom see the show? Mine did and she thought you sucked.

And I’m afraid to say that she’s right. Dude. You spent the whole night messing up the levels, your trebble was way left, and the mics had echo. Then you had the audacity to force Locko to sing playback. Like who are you? And how did you get that job? Forget him. Who the fuck hired you? That’s what I want to know. I want to know who’s the person that either has such bad taste in DJ’s/ sound technician or simply doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the show to go as far as displaying the extent of his or her opulence of bad taste. As a matter a fact you deserve a medal. I knight you “Chevalier du désordre et du mauvais goût.”

How is it that the best part of the show had nothing to do with Miss Cameroun?

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. The fashion show between the results. How is it that an advertising placement (which was very well done by the way) is better than your whole show? His video commercial in the advertising break was the best (shoutout to William Nsai! you did a good job on that commercial). His sound was better. The clothes were better. The models were better looking than all of the contestants and actually had personality exuding from the TV screen. Like he came prepared. If you look at the metrics, number of tweets went higher during the fashion show. Why? Because people where confused/amazed/what-the-fucked about that segment. Bottom line, that guy stole the show and probably made his sponsorship money back before leaving the room. You should hire him for next year.

These are the questions that I have and would like answers to. I’m pretty sure you have questions you’d like ask regarding the show. Let us know in the comments or on twitter with the hashtag #AfterMissCameroun.

Example :

  • ” #AfterMissCameroun does the sound guy still have a job?”

Let’s keep it light and fun. I’ll be reading up on your questions.


Good Things

  • Good Selection of Candidates
  • Locko was amazing
  • Twitter was on fire. (Trending topic)

Bad Things

  • Horrible Sound
  • Monotonous Outfits
  • The first lady giving the sash to the Miss

The Breakdown

Sound Quality
Art Direction
Live Coverage
Twitter Ambience

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