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Abakwa Oooye!

It has been a year since The Mboatape – the first digital mixtape with global success – came out to the world and put the Cameroonian urban music scene on the map. Before the Mboatape there were mixtapes. But that tape in particular set the standard in terms of quality of music, the delivery and most importantly the promotion around it.

The Mboatape cover art. A game changing compilation that redefined the urban music landscape in Cameroon
June 19, 2014 Moshare Magazine Editorial

A year later, the country has seen a plethora of tapes, none to the success of the first Mboatape in terms of quality. But that was until the people over at Vzone music came back with the second edition of their Vibrating Zone mixtape: “Abakwa Oooye”. With one person behind the soundboard: Ina da place. Except for El Presido freestyle  “Tanab M’all” , over Big Sean’s song “Guap”.

Magasco – Wynnam

Magasco’s latest song is reminiscent of Soca. A fitting style for the “Bamenda boy” crooner.
June 19, 2014 Moshare Magazine editorial

The tape presents hits, after hits. Well-produced records with a mix of Cameroonian and Afropop sounds. It is interesting to see how the urban scene in Cameroon is finally finding its voice. We’re far from the late 2000’s where artist were painting a lame caricature of the Nigerian sound. Early 2010 really marked the change for the better for our local music scene. With producers such as Le Monstre and Pazzo leading the new school, we’re seeing the rise of a unique sound.

Ina da place is rightfully claiming his place at the top with this tape. Whether it’s when he captured the essence of Gasha Neo-soul Makossa on the track “I Love you”, or when his percussions and strings carried Magasco unique vocals on the soca style jam “Wynnam”;there’s no questioning his versatility. He even touches a bit of “Thrill” on Tilla’s social commentary track “Get some”.

Sample Lyrics from “Get Some”

“coming from a country where the language is bilingual/ They’re slowly trying to make us fools and turns us unilingual/Formation de Mboko boy dey get own langua/No english or french, Francanglais na be di langua”

Get Some by Tilla

If you’re looking for your soundtrack of the summer, look no further, Vibrating zone will surely provide you with all the sounds you need to dance at a pool party, walk with a love one by the beach or give you that extra push in the gym during a workout.

The hottest tracks

  1. Gasha : I love you
  2. Tilla: Get some
  3. Magasco: Wynnam
  4. Chuzih: Awah
  5. Ambe T: Les filles de mon pays

June 19, Moshare Magazine Editorial


Moshare Magazine’s note:  8.5/10



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