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Le 29 mars prochain, la fondation Carlton Smile Charity fêtera sa première année d’existence. Nous avons rencontré pour vous son fondateur qui se raconte lui-même et en quelques sortes, son expérience au sein des œuvres humanitaires. Voici son récit.

Hello, I’m Happy Ndongo Jesse Carlton, born 1st August 1992. I went through Saint Joseph’s College Sasse (Buea) during the first half of my secondary education, and then obtained my A-levels at Orchidee Bilingual College in 2009. Flew to South Africa in 2010 for my university studies. In 2012 I completed my Bachelor in Business Administration and 2013 my honours (Master 1) in Business Management both at the Midrand Graduate Institute.

During my university years I was very focused on my studies but I was quite a party person. I had also been very open minded to business opportunities around me because I wanted to apply all the theory I got in class. It wasn’t essentially for the money because I hardly made a million, but I just kept on doing it for the sake of being in action. Jesse had been involved in charity since 2012 and noticed that the people around him also wanted to help but just didn’t know how to go about it. That is how I got inspired to Start the CarltonSmile Charity to bridge the gap between the generous and the needy.

The organization is now officially active in four African countries and has assisted over 500 kids. We recently lost our representation in Nigeria because the project manager left the country and no one could carry on. We are in conversation with potential expansions in Kenya and Senegal. Note that, we would only say we are present in a country when we have assisted at least one orphan in that country. A lot of people say they want to expand the activities, but actually never get to action. It is not something done for fun. It is not something done for a show off. It is a DUTY towards our continent and our way to inspire people in believing in the values of Love.

Please do acknowledge the great work that the Smile teams are doing. I always say that I am the founder, not the owner. I’m just the guy who had the idea and does best to lead the group, but this continent is full of young people with a really, really (really) big heart and 50 years from now you will realize what a great work these smile donors have done to change lives and bring peace to a continent. If you get close to those we have visited before and go through the pictures on the Facebook page, you will see how much impacts the smile donors have had. The smiles speak for themselves.

A lot of people think CarltonSmile charity is just one more organisation among a thousand others that help just for the sake of it, but I’ve written a book about the mindset behind the whole drive entitiled “The What, Why and How of Charity”. It will be published during the second half of the year, both online and in all countries where we are represented (and beyond).

Jesse is now back in Cameroon and recently launched his company called “Carlton enterprises”. We provide investment opportunities for people with little funds in the fields of transport and real estate. We are currently offering a part time job for young people interested in gaining an experience in sales.

Key Dates:

March 2013 : CarltonSmile Charity was born.

June 2013 : He went on a memorable Smile charity tour to 6 cities around the world to raise some funds but mainly awareness about the organisation. It was also during the tour that he got inspired to write a book.

August 2013: The organisation had expanded to Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon assiting over 200 kids throughout these countries.

September 2013 : Expansion to Zimbabwe


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