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So you want to get healthy?

A bit ago we had a series of articles on weight and health which I hope, opened your eyes on the health issues engendered by not eating well and skipping on exercising.

I thought I would you give you all some tips on how to take control of your health. These are the results of research have done over the years when I decided to turn my health around.

Below are 5 things you can incorporate in your life to help you stay on the health track. They are minor adjustments that can lead to big results.

Oh…a little disclaimer, I’m not a physician, one actually answered our questions here! Before trying anything listed in this article, do your own research as well.

  1. Eat your fruits and vegetables.

I know…I know!!! I sound like your grand-mother. You see, Cameroon is amazing in that year-round, you have access to delicious fruits and nutritious veggies. I mean… look at this

Fruits and vegetables

Each season brings its own share of variety and there’s never a shortage of healthy and yummy food.

I’m just going to please ask that you refrain from drenching your vegetables in palm oil. You don’t have to eat Eru or Okok every week, and actually you shouldn’t… [yeah i said it, you really shouldn’t]

Okok Eru

Meals such as these are calories pits and do not make your arteries happy. Try a salad made with lettuce, carrots and eggs for example (skip the creamy dressing).Try different fruits in a juice form or make a point to add a serving of steamed vegetables (spinach, broccoli etc…) to your lunch or dinner.

  1. Increase your fish intake.

FishFish (and seafood in general) is a great source of protein and iron. It is lower in unhealthy fats when compared to meat, decreasing your risk of heart disease. Now here is the thing: drenching it in batter, salt or oil negates part of the benefits you get from eating fish. Grill or steam it instead of frying it. What fish you eat is up to you, Cameroon has no shortage of sea creature…just make sure your sides don’t ruin your efforts.

  1. Drink you water.


 The human body is about 60% water, meaning that it is an essential element in the proper functioning of our organs. It is essential in the function of your kidneys and keeps constipation at bay. Water also helps energize your muscles and proper hydration makes your skin look healthy. 6-8 glasses of water per day is recommended, so…drink up!!!  

  1. Skip the salt

Your meal doesn’t need any more Arome Maggi. I promise you. Your food doesn’t need Cube Maggi. Skip it all, don’t purchase….matter of fact don’t even look at those in supermarkets. Their sodium levels are off the charts putting you at a greater risk for heart disease. You can cook without them….repeat after me: I CAN COOK WITHOUT THEM! I’m not saying they don’t make your food taste awesome but what I’m saying is that they are bad for your health.

Why cook with this ?

Arome Maggi

when you can use these ?


or this?



We oversalt our foods and have trained our tastebuds to require a higher sodium content, endangering our health in the process. Skip the salt, add the herbs and spices.

  1. Exercise

You knew there was no way I was going to let you off the hook on this one right? The body needs physical activity to maintain a strong heart and you need to work out to keep unwanted pounds off. We still eat as if we were spending our days farming, forgetting that our lives have mostly become sedentary devoid of physical effort. You don’t need much, sweating 3 times a week is a start though I would suggest going for 5 days. Any workout is better than none. Go for a walk, a run or a swim. Clean your house, go up and down the stairs ten times, anything but do something.Exercice Physique





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